Here we are!


Brittney and Phillip Young


Love: In 2005, singer songwriter, Jack Johnson released his album 'In Between Dreams'. In 2006, we met, fell in love, and that album played on repeat loop. The song, Better Together, signifies our playful love and played a major role in our wedding. Today, the words sway in a cotton tapestry above our babies crib. 

Challenge: As is happens, challenges arose in our life (and still does). Challenges relating to extended family, trust, personal struggles, health, finances, career, loss, and even name it. While they never threatened the dedication of our relationship, each challenge certainly changed the roles we played and how we supported one another. We know, regardless of the circumstance, we always navigate them better together, with a unified vision.

Travel: Our careers took us abroad for five years. We lived and traveled most extensively throughout the Middle East and Asia, and parts of Europe. We also share the Aloha Spirit through connectedness to Kauai, Hawaii. As a result of  so much travel, we have a vast appreciation of nature and its ability to heal, enlighten, and connect. 

Connection: Wether it be our diverse cultural exposure or immense interest in being outdoors, we value connection. Connecting to ourselves and to others; connecting ideas and opportunities; connecting people to other people; connecting to the environment.  We strive for connection over isolation.

Breakthrough: Putting all these experiences together (Love, Challenge, Travel, Connection) results in many breakthrough moments for us. Moving toward these breakthroughs allowed us to experience the positive impact they had on our relationship, and the world around us. Today we feel empowered to foster breakthroughs with other 4th Trimester couples.