Online-Keeping the PAIR in Parents

Online-Keeping the PAIR in Parents

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Get on the same page of your next chapter

Welcoming a new baby will have an impact on your relationship. Once the baby is finally at home, the congratulatory messages and visitors have stopped, and the new grandparents have  returned back to their homes...your relationship dynamics will have shifted and it can be overwhelming.

One or both of you might:

  • Feel unheard

  • Notice a decrease in intimacy

  • Become more easily overwhelmed

  • Feel pressure to meet conflicting social expectations

  • Experience ‘dysfunction junction’ from all of the unfamiliar demands

  • Struggle to find balance (life, relationship, sleep, health, work, social…)

  • Experience financial stress

  • Feel out of shape, physically

  • Argue more; resolve less

The GOOD news is that you are not alone and these are common experiences with growing families. The GREAT news is that we have strategies that will limit the negative impact these have on your wellbeing. The BEST news is that these strategies are realistic, simple, and effective. Implementing them can take your relationship from surviving to thriving.

In this interactive LIVE online workshop you will learn effective communication techniques and have time to practice and ask questions. In addition, you will leave with tools that can be implemented immediately on a daily and weekly basis, and be emailed a follow-up to make sure you have electronic copies of all tools and techniques.

This workshop is held in person for $20/couple. In an effort to share this with more families that cannot attend the in person workshops, we are offering the online version at no cost to you.

You may be expecting for the first time or already have a few children. If you want to get on the same page with your partner, join us on the screen on Wednesday 7:30pm (pst).

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