Webclass-And Baby Makes WE

Webclass-And Baby Makes WE

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We all know that the day you bring home a baby is full of emotions. What few people discuss are the amount of decisions that need to be made as parents. 

The quantity and frequency of decision making is high. The amount of sleep and energy level is low. 

Decisions don’t consider your energy level, they arise at anytime and might look something like:

-Employment: will one of us stay home? who? how will that look financially?
-Childcare: in home nanny? day care? family? SAHM, SAHD? how long?
-Purchases: new (bigger/safer) car? better insurance? baby gear?
-Roles/Responsibilities: diapers? feedings? playdates? money? cleaning? errands? other kids? pets?
-Vaccines: yes? no? defer?
-Nursery: sleep in our bed? crib in our room? for how long? in own nursery?
-Feeding: breast? bottle? both? how long?
-Kids: more? how soon?
-Big Goals: move? career change? vacation? health/fitness?

Many couples underestimate the amount of energy these decisions require, and also assume they are on the same page (when sometimes they aren’t). Unfortunately, there is not a lot of surplus energy to go around when you bring a new baby home.

In this workshop we will give you three steps to stand strong as a couple having to make all of these decisions. We give you the tools on to align your decision making so that it requires less time and energy to make them. In addition, a way to create clarity on moving toward the same direction as a couple.

Join us on the screen to learn the Three Baby steps To Standing Strong As A Couple Throughout The 4th Trimester.

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