We made the most of the opportunity to meet with Phillip and Brittney Young and with their expert guidance, we developed a Couple’s Vision Statement.

Of course, we have had our ups and downs in our marriage (many more ‘ups!), but we know that our marriage is strong.

To actually sit down and talk about what we value in life and in our relationship  we felt intrigued and opened to experiencing how developing a Breakthrough Vision Statement may deepen our already strong relationship.

During the process, Phillip and Brittney immediately made us feel comfortable and confident as they gently and skillfully lead us through articulating our thoughts and feelings.

As soon as Phillip and Brittney read our Vision Statement to us we felt really overjoyed with how our Vision had come together!  We were thrilled about how they helped us navigate our thoughts and ideas to create a statement that truly represented who we are as a couple. We are definitely on a vibrant couple’s path.

Now that we have done a Breakthrough Vision Statement, it has given us even more insight as to who we are as a couple and what we stand for.  We now have our vision to help guide us together in our present and future life’s journey. We can’t wait to see where we will go!

A vision dreamed is a vision realized. We want to thank Phillip and Brittney for helping us develop a positive, meaningful forward path in our relationship.


Brittney and Phillip taught us how to satisfy our partner's needs without sacrificing our own. 


They were quickly able to understand the dynamics of our relationship. 

Before we created our Breakthrough Vision Statement, we were arguing more about things that didn’t really matter...nit picking each other.

During the process we felt like we didn’t know what to expect nor could we see the true value of it until we finished the experience. We were also very distracted & irritated with each other while the creation of the statement had us stop and reflect on how we want our family to be. Taking this effective look at ourselves made a lasting synchronized tune up for both our relationship and family unit.

As soon as they read it to us for the first time we immediately wanted to live into what we created as a family. I quickly became very aware of how the small things really matter like letting my husband show up however he chooses to be a Dad. In other words I needed to relinquish some control and be kind with my words because words matter!

Now that we have a Breakthrough Vision Statement, it has given us even more of a foundation of what is important to us individually and as a family. One great thing we took away was our desire to spend as much time at the beach and outdoors as possible. If we can’t take our son together, we divide and conquer!! All in all we got really present to what our family credo is and how we can implement it into our crazy busy lives!!